Vocational Schools

Clash! Exchange & Learning organises internships and educational exchanges to Berlin for students and teachers from vocational/technical schools and universities. These projects not only allow the students to get to know the German work environment and build an international network, but also give the them knowledge about the city of Berlin, German language and German culture. Further, during their stay in Berlin they will interact with a variety of themes which take into consideration the four dimensions of citizenship.

The goal is to broaden the horizons of the students by confronting them with new situations. Through short-term international projects, we can create a greater consciousness of other countries and give the students the experience and confidence to stay for a longer period in another country. By taking a quick look at an international work environment in another country, students and teachers can learn fresh, new ideas and work methods to bring back home.

Clash! works together with the teachers to arrange both the practical aspects (accommodation and culinary needs), as well to build the vocational, cultural, and citizenship program. Clash! accompanies the teachers in the organisation and implementation of the project during the exchange. The staff from Clash! have a passion for creative and innovative learning methods and bring these to the organisation and implementation of the project.

Clash! has a large network in Berlin and  can offer a comprehensive program, thus complementing the needs and wishes of the school and students. Therefore, we create a dialogue with the teachers and educational institution to create and unique, hand-tailored program.

Feel free to contact us for a non-committal conversation and we can suggest a concept program and offer. In Europe, these projects can be financed by the ERASMUS+ Program for technical and university students. In other countries, please contact your university or national educational institutions for suggestions for financial fundraising.



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