Whether we speak about Marlene Dietrich, David Bowie, Kraftwerk or some of the biggest names in techno playing every weekend in Berghain, Berlin has always been an interesting city for music pioneers and pilgrims alike. Regardless of genre, artists can find their niche, venue or club here in this bustling and international metropolis. For this reason, Clash! Exchange & Learning offers projects with a specific focus on music production- whether analog, digital or somewhere in between- and music business.

Using the same non-formal pedagogy we developed for social work students which emphasise experiential learning, teamwork and intercultural dialogue, we can offer a program hand-tailored for your school or music collective’s curriculum needs. By exploring historical themes such as WWII history, the DDR and Stasi, and multiculturalism, we can provide your students not only the logistical and organisational support for a full educational program according to your accommodation and culinary needs, but also provide them the inspiration to create new compositions and interact with the city, potentially fostering networking contacts which you or your students can continue to work with in the future.

Our network includes accredited music schools, recording and mixing studios, practice studios, venues, clubs, master class teachers, independent labels, tour managers and booking agencies which can give your students the opportunity to see what makes the diverse multitude of music scenes here in Berlin tick.

Should you be interested in creating a project with us, please do not hesitate to write us at We would be happy to set up a video call to get to know your school and to build a program for you. In Europe, these projects can be financed by the ERASMUS+ Program for technical and university students. In other countries, please contact your university or national educational institutions for suggestions for financial fundraising.



Student’s showcase at local studio