Video: KiezClash Weißensee

Welcome to Weißensee, the green oasis of Berlin and the perfect place to relax. But it’s where our office is located too.

Our first stop is at Park am Weißensee with Weißer See in the middle, which literally translates to “White Lake”. It’s a hotspot for swimming during summer and the place to be for ice skating in the winter. But walking around the lake is also highly recommended.

Our second stop is at our usual local döner place. It’s a tradition to eat a döner with the team once a week. The discussion about the origin of the döner has been going on for a while. Some claim that it was invented in Germany, while others are certain that it comes from Turkey. Either way, the döner has an influence on the food scene of Berlin. Be sure to try the dönerbox, the favourite of our team.

Our office, located in KuBiZ, is not too far away from the döner place. KuBiZ is an old school that has been transformed into a socio-cultural centre. The building provides space for cultural projects, companies and other activities. It’s the perfect spot to unleash your inner artist and look for social engagement. It’s also the place where our street art workshop takes place, for example. 

March 2, 2021