Video: KiezClash Wedding

Wedding is one of Berlin’s most multicultural and diverse neighbourhoods. The original Berliners live together with people from the all over the world. Furthermore, the district has a lot of green space where you can relax. Nonetheless, this Kiez is often overlooked.

During the years of the separation by the Wall, the most spectacular escape attempts occurred in Wedding. In 1962, 57 Berliners were able to flee to the West through the longest tunnel under the Wall (145 meters long).

Nowadays, more and more students and artists are moving to Wedding. As a result, many new cafés, restaurants and nightclubs have opened successfully.

We begin at Leopoldplatz, also known as Leo, the district’s most central square. Farmers and antique dealers come here to sell their things, and it gets very crowded during the summer.

Then we go to Brüsseler Kiez, also known as the Belgisches Viertel. The name is derived from the Brüsseler Straße, which runs through the area. All streets in this district are named after places and regions in Belgium, just like the more famous Belgian district in Cologne.

In spring and summer, Berlin’s parks come alive. But the Plötzensee is one of the city’s best-kept-secrets. It gets its name from a type of fish called the Plötze, which used do live there in large shoals. However, it is now one of Berlin’s most accessible and clean urban lakes.

April 12, 2021