Clash! Exchange & Learning can facilitate individual, long-term internships in Berlin for vocational and university students from around the world. Admittedly, we are specialised in internships in the creative and social sector, but you are welcome to contact us for internships in other sectors.

The basic package (€ 300 inclusive tax) includes:

-Arrangement and facilitation of an internship

-Guidance: an optional weekly meeting with our staff during the internship

-Support for practical matters such as: arranging accommodation, local travel, help with building a CV/Resume, registering with the city, etc.

-An introductory German lesson and tour of Berlin upon arrival

How does it work?

Should you be interested, feel free to request a non-commital conversation with us. If you contact us, we would ask for your CV/Resume and a motivation letter written in English. You can reach us at

East Side Gallery