• 2 -13 June 2022: Youth exchange: ´POOL´ in Georgia
    Stichting Schoolclash, Clash! Exchange & Learning and Youth for the World are organising the youth exchange ´POOL´( Power of Outdoor Life) from 2 till 13 June with young people from Germany, Georgia, the Netherlands, Latvia, Moldova, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland. We want to give the opportunity to youngsters to participate in a life-altering experience in […]
  • 17 -28 October 2022: Youth exchange: ´Act for Education´ in Mshketa/Georgia
    Clash! Exchange & Learning and Youth for the World are organising a youth exchange from 17-28 October with young people from Germany, Georgia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. During the project, themes such as social inclusion, diversity and migration will be addressed through non-formal methods with dance, sports and outdoor activities. Of […]
  • Video: KiezClash Wedding
    Wedding is one of Berlin’s most multicultural and diverse neighbourhoods. The original Berliners live together with people from the all over the world. Furthermore, the district has a lot of green space where you can relax. Nonetheless, this Kiez is often overlooked.
  • Video: KiezClash Charlottenburg
    Charlottenburg, Berlin’s most elegant Kiez, is located west of the city centre. It was an important city until 1920 and is still one of Berlin’s most prosperous neighbourhoods.
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2021
    Today is International Anti-Racism Day, and the theme for this year is “Youth standing up against racism”. They took the streets in large numbers during the 2020 Black Lives Matter marches to protest racial injustice. This day encourages everyone to reflect on their own behaviour and racial prejudices in order to foster a global culture of tolerance, equality and anti-discrimination.
  • Video: KiezClash Schöneberg
    Welcome to the multicultural district of Schöneberg where diversity, creativity and elegance some together. As dynamic as it can be, peace and quiet are easy to find thanks to the many parks.
  • Online event: ´Language animation, online and offline!´
    Language animation is a pedagogy that aims to facilitate and encourage communication in an intercultural context. It also stimulates curiosity for other languages, motivates participants to learn foreign languages and acquire vocabulary, and supports the unblocking of learning and language barriers. It seems therefore important to continue to develop its presence in all kinds of intercultural and international seminars, workshops or exchanges.
  • Video: KiezClash Weißensee
    Welcome to Weißensee, the green oasis of Berlin and the perfect place to relax. But it’s where our office is located too. Our first stop is at Park am Weißensee with Weißer See in the middle, which literally translates to “White Lake”. It’s a hotspot for swimming during summer and the place to be for […]
  • We are searching for VET-schools for an online exchange project.
    Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, it is almost impossible for vocational schools to send students abroad or to provide them with an international experience. We believe that especially in these times internationalisation is important to achieve our educational goals. That is why we have decided to organise an exchange project for schools and students […]