*Canceled* 19-26 September 2020. Youth Exchange: ´The Real Stories of Berlin´in Berlin ( Germany)

Clash! Exchange & Learning (Germany) and MAKANE (France) are organising an German-French exchange project in Berlin called “the real stories of Berlin”!

Within this youth exchange, an introduction is given to an alternative and accessible way of

digital storytelling. We are going to experiment with different ways to capture real stories in Berlin such as photography, filming, interviewing, collecting stories and focus on how we can share our findings with others. We will acquire new skills and knowledge that will make digital storytelling more accessible, where we will show that expensive equipment is not particular essential for a modern storyteller. Within this youth exchange, the different workshops that are focused on the different aspect of digital storytelling will contain tips and tricks on how to make content look professional and will be an introduction of how to become a digital storyteller.

During the Youth exchange we are going to use the practical skills we have learned directly in our search for the real stories of Berlin. We want to stimulate curiosity about current social topics and develop critical skills in the field of media consumption, where we stimulate the understanding that

the information that is given to us, is coming from a point of view and not always covers the absolute truth.

During this project we will explore this variety of these different perspectives. While we discover the history and present of Berlin we will actively search for topics that we want to know more about. We will search for the truth by finding the real stories behind these specific topics, as digital storytellers! 


This project starts on the 19thof September 2020 (arrival before 18:00) and ends on the 26thof September (Departure during the day).

For whom?

We are searching for participants who are living in Germany or France. Both nationality groups have a total of 6 participants. The participants need to be between 18 and 25 years old and are interested in meeting new people from different cultures. We are looking for participants who are interested to learn more about digital storytelling and who want to explore the city of Berlin together with us and help us find the real stories of Berlin!


This youth exchange is financed by OFAJ/ DFJW and the participation will be free! This includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Program costs
  • Food & drinks
  • For the French participants: Travel costs (within the maximum reimbursement of the German French Youth Office) 


During this exchange, we follow the regulations, measures and advices of the federal government of Germany and the senate of Berlin. For the French participants: if the project has to be cancelled because of Covid-19 measures, the travel costs incurred will still be reimbursed ( as long as they do not exceed the maximum amount of travel costs)


You can register using the registration form below before the 19thof august 2020.

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July 27, 2020