clash! exchange & learning

Clash! Exchange & Learning is a Dutch-German non-profit organisation specialised in educational and socio-cultural projects. The aim of our projects is to broaden participants’ horizons and develop a greater awareness of diversity and (sub)cultures and history. The city of Berlin and its inhabitants play a major role in our projects, the encounters and interactions in the city encourage participants to dialogue with each other on various topics.




Besides the projects in Berlin, Clash! also organises international exchanges and training programmes for young people and professionals from all over Europe and North Africa. These projects are in cooperation with with social organisations from European and North African countries and take place in Europe.


For students

Clash! Exchange & Learning organises student trips for vocational training students in Berlin. During these projects, students will get to know the German working field and build an international network. At the same time, they will get to know Berlin and German language and culture in an interactive way.


For teachers

Clash! Exchange & Learning offers training courses and mobilities for teachers and professionals from the educational and socio-cultural fields under the name Clash! Academy.
These multi-day training courses take place in Berlin and are facilitated by Clash!

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who are we?

The team of Clash! consists of people with different educational backgrounds and professional interests and share a mutual goal to broaden the horizons of young people. Our common values have emerged from various international and multicultural (work) experiences. Our team is driven in the development and implementation of non-formal learning methods. In addition, our Dutch-speaking staff have lived in Berlin for several years and therefore have a good knowledge of the city.

partner organisations


Do you have any questions? We are always open to discuss new projects and collaborations!